Wednesday, October 11, 2006

monkey business

time for a little whimsy.

ok, this is a bit strange and i guess a little freaky {no offense, little monkey}. i saw this site a few years ago and forgot all about it until i stumbled onto it again recently.

then again, perhaps you would consider it fun and eccentric .... or maybe it's just old news to you. whichever case it may be, it's worth a visit to see an original website where a stuffed animal guides you through recipes. check out the panda cupcakes. very original. the kid in me loved them and wanted one right away.

so, what are you waiting for? jump on over to cooking with monkey! [ha, ha .... made you look!]

there is even a whole


monkey said...

what! you didn't get the panda cupcake that i sent you in the mail?

burekaboy — said...

i'm still waiting for it, mr. monkey.

perhaps it may have something to do with international borders and canada post.

whatever the case, i want my cupcake! LOL

very cute, mr. monkey. very cute. ;p