Friday, October 20, 2006

maïs soufflé

can you believe this month is popcorn poppin' month?

get your orville redenbacher out. redenbacher's is the number #1 selling popcorn in america.

orville is apparently a very interesting guy. i found a variety of information about orville the man himself here. who woulda thought you could make millions several times over off of something as simple and basic as dried up corn?

this exploded kernel can apparently be traced back 5,600 years ago to a cave in new mexico in something called "the bat cave" and fresh looking 1,000 year old popcorn has been found in a southern utah cave. to read more about this popular snack, has a cute little article about it. if you haven't read enough, you can discover more on the history of this product that is so well loved. is a very amusing "must-visit" site which provides an enormous variety of fun facts and tidbits about everything popcorn. it makes cute popping noises as you select topics and gives you nutritional information and recipes to try — some of them pretty strange and others like hot wasabi popcorn, thai peanut and popcorn crusted chicken, or ginger sesame popcorn brittle sound great.

and if you thought popcorn was only yellow or white, you need to look at this. i was surprised to see how many colours they now have.

besides your microwave, two other ways to pop popcorn is with a hot air popper [the least waste and most kernels popped] and the traditional stove top way [here too]. don't forget that crazy "jiffy pop" for nostalgia!

another crazy site to visit is called or here to see a nutty invention for eating popcorn.

you can even take a tour in an online popcorn museum or read some trivia about popcorn in the 19th and 20th century in america. or maybe you can dress up like this for hallowe'en? [creative nonetheless]. and if you have been dying to know if they at popcorn or not at the first american thanksgiving, get the truth at plimoth plantation, another very interesting american historical site.

stop the insanity! just eat your popcorn this month.

the final question is however — with butter or not? i vote for butter [salted].