Monday, October 23, 2006

eid sayeed

as my friends today celebrate the ending of their month-long fasting of ramadan — and i thought the yom kippur fast was brutal — they attend services this morning to celebrate the eid al-fitr. it is their celebration of the breaking of the fast. more about the celebration here and here.

there will be a gi-normous celebration at our olympic stadium [at least it's being used for something — an inside (montreal) joke].

this celebration usually will go on for three days with gift giving and lots of eating. this is a gift from my friend.

i am rationing out eating these delicious bakhla'wa. trust me, i can polish them off in one sitting, if forced. ;p .... these are only a few of the ones i received.

to get a glimpse & idea of the variety of these mouthwatering pastries that are available, visit this parisian tunisian site which shows you a grand selection. the website is in french. don't worry, just look at the pictures. ...umm, i'll take a dozen of each, s'il vous plaît!

eid mubarak!