Wednesday, October 25, 2006

reno update

ok, so the next day they arrive again at 8 am. prior to this i was laying in bed, warm under my covers, fantasizing that it was really only 5:30 am and not 7:30 am and that i still had two more glorious hours of snoozing with catten and my duvet/comforter. no such luck. grrr.

today seems to have gone quicker. and was less messy than the day before. the noise, on the other hand....

they boarded up the disgusting looking old wood to my comfort. i am sure there were dead and dying things in there.

once that was done, the "pipe guy" showed up and turned off the hot water and started sawing pipes and soldering things . my catten freaked out and hid behind the fridge. however, as the story goes .... curiosity killed enticed the cat. he quickly forgot he was frightened and needed to check things out for himself.

i realized part way through that the "pipe guy" took off with the part of my shower nozzle that i bought and needed for the shower attachment. after hunting him down, he later returned it.

once that whole job was done, in came the other two workers who boarded up the area. of course, i was left with a mess on the floor which buréka decided to play in and was sniffing up bits of solder. after shoo-ing him away, i swept up and admired the fact that i would not be viciously attacked by spiders and flying things at night any longer. ;p

that's it for today for the renovation update, folks. exciting, isn't it?

oh yeah, this is supposed to be the "new" medicine cabinet/mirror set up.