Tuesday, October 24, 2006

renovation week

this will be a week long post/saga involving my bathroom and its facelift. while my bathroom was fine to begin with, the owners of the building decided to renovate all our bathing facilities. so without choice, the work has begun at the ungodly hour of 8 am every morning. i don't care about that part. i do care about hearing drills and hammering before i have been doped up enough by my requisite caffeine to function in the morning.

well, my bathroom is a sorry sight. yesterday, the workers showed up promptly at the expected hour and will be here for a week to renovate my bathroom. seeing as i only have one in my apartment, it's not fun. you will see when you look at the pictures.

i wish i had had the foresight to take a picture of the bathroom before renovation. it occured to me only as it was already happening that it would be fun to chronicle this event.

so without further ado....

after ringing my doorbell at 7:45 am, they entered fifteen minutes later and went straight at it. they put masks over their faces to stop from breathing in the gyproc dust, closed the bathroom door and then proceeded hacking and whacking — eventually ripping the tiles down and spreading a veil of dust throughout my bathroom which, by the way, made its way into the halls. what a mess. and lemme tell you, these guys nice as they are, are not the best cleaners. so..... out came the broom and dustpan each time they left to go get something. i think they thought i was nuts. my catten [he's not really a cat yet and at 8 months, no longer a little kitten anymore hence cat-ten], aka "buréka," was covered in dust. it was mostly all over his paws as he spread prints all over the apartment. he was having a great time running and hiding and peeking at all the fun — all the time faking being a "fraidy cat".

this is what i was left with when they finished at 4 p.m.


when i asked how i was supposed to shower, i was answered in broken "heng-lish" and a heavy "haccent" [they are french canadian workers] ....

"you careful when use wa-turr, pas de robinets -- so you only bat.

'attention' because deh wa-turr gonna fly hout and go on floor.

you no take shower eh ... deh wood it get wet."

ha! like i am gonna take a bath with that set-up??!! dude, you took off the handles to turn the water off and on and there is no spout! u mean i have to attach them myself? ummm....yeah.

i think i can live without a shower for 24 hrs. either that or head over to my friends to do it.

so, that's my little story. part two tomorrow.

.... did i mention that i was anxious about the idea of bugs and other "things" crawling out from the space where the wood is while i was sleeping?? lol.