Monday, October 16, 2006

two important dates to note

today is world food day a united nations created international day to help increase awareness of the struggles of people around the world who have no food or not enough.

luckily many of us do not live and will never live with that reality. in honour of this day, perhaps you can take the time to make a donation to your favorite charity or drop off a can of food or two this week at a shelter or if you have the time and are generous, donate your time to help feed the hungry at a local soup kitchen.

judaism teaches that we bless every piece of food which enters our mouths. this is not a foreign concept to other religions either.

we should remember the others who cannot eat today.

* * * * *

one food which is held high above others in the jewish religion and which is blessed and sanctified every sabbath and holiday is bread. one of my favourite subjects.

little did i know, smart guy, that today is also bread day. visit chanit's site to learn more about it and catch a recipe or two or three.

this article has interesting information and pictures about the basis for all [ok, most] breads — wheat. it would be shameful if i didn't put a link to something canadian, as we are one of the biggest producers of wheat for export. this offers some of the history of flour milling in canada. or see how smart you are by taking this quiz. learn about the six different classes and the different types of milled flour of which we eat so much.