Tuesday, October 02, 2007

kitchen essentials — how to prepare cured citrons confits

in an earlier posting, i showed how to prepare north african preserved lemons or les citrons confits. after their month long preservation, they are ready to use — unless you use the quicker 7 day method which, i guess, is good in a pinch. they are at their best after resting at least a month however, and improve with time.

in order to use these little flavour-packed lemons, they must be washed off well with warm or hot water.

once well rinsed, place them on a cutting board and remove the pulp. some people keep it, removing the seeds, however i much prefer just the softened cured rind.

after discarding the pulp, cut the lemon rind into long strips the size you need them.

cut each of the strips into a dice whose dimensions are called for in your recipe.

voilà, they are now ready to use.