Monday, January 05, 2009

wishes for 2009

first off,

Happy New Year!

A year of prosperity, good health and happiness —

May 2009 be a year of new beginnings
& more peaceful times worldwide.

(thankful i don't have to deal with this <בעברית>as do some of my friends (b'ivrit kahn))

as for myself, i hope my blog will be more productive this coming year than it has for 2008. looking at the number of posts, one would think i've been slacking off! unfortunately, life has gotten in the way and kept me far too busy in other areas. i promise to do better this year (famous last words!). for those of you who do follow my blog, many thanks for checking back and apologies for the [recent] lack of content.

i do have lots to add so keep checking back or add my blog to an aggregate reader for updates.

in the mean time, here are a few links to check out .....
  1. often i get questions from people who don't live in north america. our measures for ingredients are different and it is not always easy to convert amounts. for staple items, i like to use a particular site - it has converters for items like butter, flours and sugar. it also has converters for things like semolina & rice flour. check the righthand side bar. it will also convert volume and weight for anything in general.

  2. if you like to keep your recipes in order on your computer and are somewhat familiar with DOS, you can download (for free) the mealmaster program. it does take a bit of playing around with in order to familiarize yourself with it but there is also a PDF user's manual to help. it's a good program. apart from adding your own recipes, you can check here for a TON of recipes you can import into the program. if you do a search there are other sites too that have things in the MM format.

  3. for people who like fun sites and enjoy making things 'n learning , check out instructables. hours of entertainment :)

  4. great recipes for baked good here. you can also order a catalogue from them or order online — they have the best quality flours, etc.

  5. since it's winter, try this or this!