Thursday, July 13, 2006


just spent a whole bunch of time fooling around trying to change settings and figure out how to redesign my page and now it won't republish!! arrgh success! sort of .... looks like this is gonna take a lot of work and i haven't been too inspired as of late. must be the heat which is going to get worse. at least today is fairly mild in comparison with the forecast for the weekend.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

happy birthday, bureka!

introducing my bureka ....

(that's not my ugly lamp!)

Ok, whazup with the bureka business?

well....i love 'em. ok, so it's one of the many things i love. and it's code [ssshhh] for my kitten who has now turned 5 months old today. happy birthday, little one! born on valentine's. hard to forget that one. he has changed drastically over the past several weeks since i got him [the little immigrant!] ... he was so desperately needy and clingy when i picked him up from the airport -- understandably so, being ripped from his family and brought to a new country, new setting, new people. but he has had nothing but attention and love and is now the little prince that he was born to be [groan]. ok, ok, .... so i love my kitten! he has been bad to the bone lately getting into all sorts of things and deciding that sleeping ON me is not as good now as it used to be. i guess i will take that as a compliment and/or sign that he is feeling secure now and doesn't have to be stuck to me every single second of the day. now he sleeps BESIDE me.

it's hot and disgustingly humid and sticky ... again. what else is new? Siberia would be better than this. forecast is WORSE [ugh] for the weekend. that means ... u guessed it ... full-blast a/c!!

off to "work" we go -- have some recipe testing to do. obviously, i am NOT using the oven for the next few days. results later.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

entering "interspace"

Decided to finally make my blog. This is & will be as much a creative [read: fun] endeavour as it is a work-related one. Don't have much time now but am excited to "get it up" and see how it looks. I will most likely fool around with it -- and edit it to death — til I get it right (or at least to my liking).