Friday, October 13, 2006

about the previous entry

i cannot seem to edit the previous entry. so just a note to say ....

if you want to see the whole thing not cut off by the margins of BLOGGER click on the photo and you can open it up in another window. or if you want the pictures to stop, click on it also.

ok, this is far too much coverage about these dolma.

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as tonight is the beginning of:

shemini atzeret & simchat torah

חג שמח ושבת שלום

have a joyous holiday

image from:

שישו ושמחו
בשמחת תורה
ותנו כבוד לתורה

שישו ושמחו
הו שישו ושמחו
הו שישו, שישו
בשמחת תורה