Monday, October 23, 2006

an afterthought

the recent event of my earlier post about the "return of the stingray" prompted my memory this weekend about one of my favourite things to do when i visit california.

i have been fortunate to have spent quite a bit of time in california and seen all of the coast, driving the length of PH1 and stopping in many of the cities along the way [this was during my numerous visits, not just one trip! i would never have been able to do it in as much detail].

one of the things i liked most was visting the monterey bay aquarium and having the experience of seeing their extraordinary exhibits of ocean life. i even got to "pet" [touch] the baby bat rays in the shallow water exhibit. damn, i wanted one of those for a pet! ok, kidding. it's a fabulous opportunity to view california's oceanlife, if you ever get the chance.

second best, is to visit online the monterey bay aquarium and see for yourself some of what they offer. check out the kelp forest video. amazing to see.