Thursday, October 05, 2006

cool tool

with the upcoming holiday of thanksgiving [canadian] deep-fried turkey is apparently the best there is. though i have never had it, anything deep-fried is worth a try.

this is obviously an outdoor endeavour using specialized equipment. i heard talk today that the best oil to make deep-fried turkey with is peanut oil due to its high smoking point and that it does not form sludge which makes clean-up a nasty thing.

check out the contraption itself at the specialist site, Bayou Classics [the deep south is apparently home of the deep-fried turkey].

look here for a step by step with pictures & explanations of the whole process.


Jasmine said...


Thanks so much for visiting me :)

Deep fried turkey is something I keep reading about. I think the trick is to remember to do it outdoors and NOT stuff it before frying the bird...


burekaboy said...

hi jasmine,

i have been hearing about this for several years but it seems to be more talked about here in canada lately. not sure why. maybe we are just picking up on it as a trend.

i still don't know if i'd play with that quantity of HOT oil. somehow, i bet the results are worth it.

thanks for stopping by also! hope to see u again.