Tuesday, June 26, 2007

beat the heat drinks — no. 2

this will be called the montreal orange version of beat the heat drinks as it has a specific link to the city in which i currently live.

this famous locally-invented drink, known as orange julep, has, over the years, extended its popularity to the states {where it's called orange julius} and maybe even a few foreign countries, too. concocted in the 1940s by a man called Hermas Gibeau ('zhjee-boh' roughly), it is the hallmark of the famous landmark as you enter the city of Montreal's west end — 'da big orange — a gigantic 3 storey [orange, of course] spherical fastfood joint!

photo source: bigthings.ca

this place really rocks, especially in the summer on wednesday nights. it is the meeting place for people showing off their cars and motorcycles. people usually get hotdogs, hamburgers and fries to go with their o-j's. it's also where teens and everyone and anyone of any age run into each other for food and gossip.

here is a facsimile of the orange julep which is pretty good, i must say. though not the real mc coy, it is pretty addictive. orange, creamy and dreamy, you won't be sorry you whipped up a few of these.

hope you enjoy this taste of montreal :)

it's the beginning of our heat waves here — with the humidity today and tomorrow going into the low 40s C! that's 104 F plus for you non-metric people. ACK! guess i'll be drinking more than one of these :)

orange julep for two

this is the non egg version of this drink. thick, creamy and nice and cold, it's perfect for hot days or anytime you want something really good — almost like a pureed creamsicle :D

makes 2 servings or enough for 1 with a refill :)


1/3 c orange concentrate, frozen (half of a 6 oz can)
1/2 c milk
1/2 c water
1/4 c sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
6 ice cubes


combine all and blend until very smooth. no ice chunks allowed!!

enjoy and then repeat. LOL.

* * * * *

someone has even made youtube video of it. aahhh but nothing compares to the original. i guess you'll just have to visit montreal and go to that big orange to taste the real deal — though this version is pretty darn good as a substitute.

check out some other funky orange restos in the usa.


The TriniGourmet said...

what a funky building :) i can't believe it's hotter on your side than here! o.O

that drink looks so good though :) i'm gonna give it a try :) i used to make something like that when i was small with sprite, yum!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That looks very tasty and refreshing, although, at the moment, I unfortunately don't need it because of the bad weather (15°C and raining...)!

burekaboy — said...

hey sarina :) - LOL, i know it's weird, huh? hotter here than it is there! there is some tropical airmass moving through here; thankfully, it's supposed to break tonight. this ain't no dry heat either o.O

hope you like the orange julep :p i think the one at the big orange is with egg whites though; this one is a little richer but quite similar. gotta love all those milkshake-y drinks ;) LOL, yeah the big orange is bizarre. certainly gets a lot of attention, especially from tourists. in the summer, it's SOOO busy there.

rosa - thanks. well, keep it in mind to try for another time maybe :)

i just heard yesterday that there's also a heat wave going on in europe; looks like switzerland didn't get it!

i think greece (romania, & some other places) had temps of 45+ C! and a few people died from it. i have a feeling it's going to be an extremely hot summer. we're getting rain and stormy weather tonight (lots, too) they said. lower temps, finally! yay :))

Roo said...

Curses, I could swaer I posted a drink recipe here yesterday - hmmmm

Anyway, I may try your drink, if the weather here ever gets above freezing and stops raining!

Cheers ;o)

burekaboy — said...

hey roo - sorry to hear about the crappy weather there :(

that's odd, i never got a comment from you .... unless it's floating around somewhere in 'interspace', blogger may have lost it.

what kind of drink was it?

thanks for trying to post anyway. (it may still show up but who knows with blogger....)

Beenzzz said...

That sounds wonderful right now. It's so hot here!

Roo said...

Bb - since you asked, this is one of my favourite summer drinks.

Take a large Highball or Gibraltar glass, add a generous amount of ice.
Add a good measure of gin. Then add a measure of lime cordial (or fresh lime) and then top up with ginger beer.

Cut back on the gin if you feel you could drink them all afternoon ;o)

burekaboy — said...

hey beenzzz - i'm sure you guys must be roasting to death down there :o stay in the a/c @ all times!! LOL.

hi roo - sounds like a perfect summer drink and very british, indeed. i'll have a few long island ice teas and whiskey sours to go with that, too! ;)