Wednesday, October 25, 2006

world pasta day

october 25 is world pasta day. according to the world pasta day site,

"These are principles based on the idea [that] —

On 25th October of each year, the world over, World Pasta Day is celebrated in the form of events and promotional initiatives in different countries of the world.

The objective of World Pasta Day is to draw the attention of the media and consumers to pasta.

Communication should underline the fact that pasta is a global food, consumed in all five continents, having unquestionable merits, appropriate for a dynamic and healthy life style capable of meeting both primary food requirements and those of high-level gastronomy;

Every country celebrates World Pasta Day in absolute autonomy, while respecting a global strategy, and making use of the official logo of the event;

The key messages, recurring in the various communication initiatives, emphasise the economic feasibility, gastronomic versatility and nutritional value of pasta."

here are a few nice pasta recipes for the event from a canadian site.

barilla has a great site for all sorts of information and recipes for pasta too. this pasta is everywhere in italy as a number one selling dried pasta. they have an italian site also which is very good if you understand italian. if you look under il mondo barilla, and further click on le paste you will see the wide variety available [not all of them in the usa].

this site also has an amazing collection of different shapes of pasta to ogle. i think my favourite pasta are called caserecci & strozzapreti.

so what are u making today? or what is your favourite pasta dish of all time?


the chocolate lady said...

Whew! that was close--I find out about World Pasta Day 26 minutes before it ends. It would have been too tooo sad to miss it! I celebrated with miso ramen.

burekaboy — said...

yum! two of my favourites, miso & ramen noodles.

i had gemelli pasta with a simple spicy italian tomato sauce and lots of parmesan.

comforting for this chilly evening.

thanks for stopping by and commenting!