Friday, October 20, 2006

return of the stingray

photo: (AP/Miami Herald, Candace West)

weirdness prevails.

just after steve irwin was killed only last month, now another freaky story about a stingray has occurred.

the story about it is here. in short, this stingray jumps out of the water onto an 81 year old Florida man's boat and stings him critically. how crazy is it that this ray also got this man right in his heart just as in what happened to irwin? good aim? totally random. totally bizarre.


Anonymous said...

FYI this is an Eagle Ray, they usually hang out on drop-offs (underwater cliffs) and only come into shallower waters to feed. They are social creatures and can be seen in groups. When chased they may "jump" out of the water, but this happens very rarely. They said it was about 3 ft (1m) across - that makes this a youngster - probably only the equivalent of a young adolescent.

Eagle rays are not creatures that "think ahead" and plan. They aren't hunters, nor do they like the company of people - it is usually really hard to get close to them. When threatened they can be aggressive - but so can people. Again this seems to be an unfortunate instance of getting in each others way.

burekaboy — said...


thanks for your most informative comment about this story. i just hope this does not spark more incidences of people killing rays due to this random act. one of my favourite memories was having two occasions to visit the baby bat rays exhibit in california at the Monterey Bay Aquarium where i actually was able to touch them! that was a special experience for me.

i posted this story as i found it quite the coincidence after what happened to steve irwin. we do not hear these stories very often which shows how rare these events are.

aja said...

Hi BB,
I am glad you have had a good experience with rays - I used to work with them - introducing the inhabitants of Stingray City in Grand Cayman to visiting tourists - they are amazing creatures and really don't intend harm to people, we just seem to get in their way sometimes.

burekaboy — said...

now that goes on my list of amazingly cool jobs to do during one's life, even though i cannot swim! what a fantastic opportunity.

at first i was a little skeptical about sticking my hands in the water with these creatures but i quickly got over it as one glided underneath my hand and let me touch it. i could not believe it! they were extremely gentle and cute.

Anonymous said...

If I make lokma will you learn how to swim? Honestly, I am a waterbaby and love the freedom of the water. No phones, no pressing business, just the here and now, especially if you are diving or even snorkelling. Admittedly, the St. Lawrence is not always conducive to enjoyment, but some of my best times have been spent in the thousand islands and even if you can't see stingrays there, you can still just float and feel like a part of nature.