Thursday, October 12, 2006

let out your frustrations today

as i was preparing my earlier post for the stuffed vine leaves, i realized i had inadvertantly changed one of the settings on my digital camera. it was a bit of a "horror of horrors" situation when i went to process the pictures and discover the resolution was all wrong and that i could only display them properly in the smallest format. ergo, the small pictures. sorry about that. oh, and how can i forget that BLOGGER somehow messed up my entry and all was totally mixed up. that took a half hour to fix. if you spot any errors in that previous entry, please let me know.

so if you are currently having a bad day and feel totally frustrated like i did, then today is your day. you have a great excuse to let out a huge SCREAM — today is:

international scream day [of all things].

i had never heard of this until i heard them talking about it on the radio early this morning. two of the dj's on a local station let out a whopping scream that lasted what seemed like forever. this kind of alarmed me as i had no clue what was going on.

the world never ceases to surprise me.

check out what's happening in OCTOBER at this site. never heard of half of them.

before i forget, you can go to bizarre news for a picture that will put you off eating your greens forever. check out the surprise in the bag in the picture [edit: look in list of archived photos as it is no longer the current photo]. below that is a list of what's happening everyday this month.