Friday, October 27, 2006

paint fumes & grout

it's almost over. soon, i will have a new and improved bathroom. i won't have to breathe in dust or smell paint fumes wafting through my apartment for hours on end. i guess the pay off is a spanking new washroom so i shall not complain.

the electrician, or "wire guy", arrived at 8 am to tell me that i had to take out half of my pantry so he could access the electrical system. i was not amused. i wish they could have told me this the night before and not at 8 am when i was still in wake-up mode.

after shlepping everything out — and trust me i have a lot of food packed in that pantry — he starts sawing and drilling and eventually goes into the bathroom and saws and drills there too. after about an hour he leaves. i check out was was done and find out that he has installed, finally, an electrical outlet in my bathroom. it has been a real pain over the several years i have lived here to have to charge my bathroom thingies in another room. here is my nifty little outlet.

the other guys showed up later and they went over the area around where the medicine cabinet is to go and painted over it.

later in the day, the workers came back to clean up the grout and finish the details of the tiling. the next thing they need to do is affix the rest of the chrome fixtures for the water and redo the ledge where the window is.

the part i am not happy about is the fact that they cracked two or three tiles and cannot fix them. so i have to live with this ugliness now. sad cause they were perfect before. when i asked about them, they told me there was nothing they could do.

i imagine the next post will be the last of this series.