Tuesday, July 31, 2007

beat the heat drinks — no. 3

perfect for those hot days when you feel like the life is being sucked out of you, this is an instant hit of caffeine — a drink like the one that is served in greece at many a café. if you can get the greek version of nescafe, use that one as it's normally what is used to make this. the success of this frappé is with the use of instant coffee and not a brewed one. i use the israeli elite brand of instant. either way, you will not get the "head" of foam without instant coffee, the very hallmark of this particular iced drink. in north america, instant coffee is usually crystallized instead of powdered but it can also be used.

if you like, instead of regular ice cubes, prepare a batch of coffee ice cubes a few days before. this prevents the drink from becoming very diluted and insipid tasting. in terms of making them, nothing could be simpler: make a very strong batch of coffee and fill your ice cube trays and freeze, leaving a little space for expansion. once frozen, place them in a ziploc which you've double-bagged to prevent odours from infiltrating. it's also a good way to use up those extra cups of coffee you didn't drink and would have otherwise thrown down the drain. don't worry if you don't have them or want to make them, regular ice works just as well.

also, during the summer, it pays to make a simple sugar syrup instead of using regular sugar which doesn't always dissolve properly in cold water. it can be done on the stovetop by taking 1:1 proportions of sugar and water and boiling it down for a few minutes until it thickens slightly making an extremely thin syrup. you can store this in the fridge and use it when needed. it can be used for many cold or hot drinks. regular sugar, however, will work as well here.

greek-style iced frappé

makes 1 frappé


1/3 c coffee mixture = 1 - 3 tsp instant coffee + 1/3 c cold water

1/3 to 2/3 c (whole) milk or soymilk, or more water

sugar syrup or regular sugar, to taste

coffee ice cubes or regular ones


my preferred ratio is 2 tsp coffee powder and 3 tsp sugar;

make the coffee mixture [with the 1/3 c water] fairly strong or it will taste like nothing; experiment and start with 1 tsp, increasing to your preferred taste. i find 1 tsp too weak;

the instant coffee gives a huge amount of foam unlike when you make it from brewed coffee.


{the way i'm showing here is with regular sugar & ice which everyone already has readily available} so ....

in your blender, place the coffee and the 1/3 cup of water and the amount of sugar you want. process this at high speed until it is very, very foamy.

add the milk, soymilk or extra water and 4 ice cubes. blend again until the ice cubes are blended in.

place in your glass, add extra (very) cold water or milk to top up — leaving room for extra ice, stir well and taste.

adjust the sugar if you need more.

add extra ice cubes and sip away. as they melt, just stir with a straw or spoon or swish the drink around to blend all together.

you'll notice it separates into two nice layers — a pale brown foamy top and a darker brown coffee one.



chanit said...

כל כך חם פה, הלחות גבוהה מאוד, מתאים לי כזה משקה..אבל שמישהו אחר יכין לי...:-)
ד"ש מפה

burekaboy — said...

הי חנית

חבל שאנו לא שכנים --הייתי רוצה להכין אותו בשבילך

חם פה גם כן. רוצה סתיו תיכף

Emily DeVoto, Ph.D., said...

aww, you two are so cute... :)

(I just wish I could still drink coffee.)

burekaboy — said...

hi emily - what?!? no coffee!! for shame :*( there's always mormon chickory coffee (lol) ... what's it called, postum? or something like that.

The TriniGourmet said...

omg, how do you always know!! my greek frappe post is set to go out tomorrow!!!!! :D

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great recipe! I love that, especially during the summer.
Unfortunately, when I was in Greece, every coffee place served industrial Nestlé iced frappés...

burekaboy — said...

hey sarina - HA! copycat!! ;) totally bizarre. guess either great minds work alike or i'm crackin your hard drive and spyin'! LOL. will be interested to see what you post. just don't put mine to shame, you hear me?? :^]

hi rosa - thanks :) i drink a lot of these things in the summer. i guess in the tourist industry or when something becomes very popular, they always find ways to use shortcuts (i.e. industrial mixes) to keep up with high demand. always lowers the quality. got this version years ago from my friend who lives in athens. doesn't usually have milk in it though -- just water. i'm not crazy about having it that way so i use milk.

Lydia said...

Another way to mix frappe is in shaker that we use for coctails.
In this case add coffee, sugar and 1/3 amount of water. You will get the foam; pour it in a glass, then add the 2/3 of water and ice.
Strong suggestion: replace 1/3 of last water with milk and if you want add some caramel syryp. mmmm perfect!

burekaboy — said...

hi lydia - was hoping to hear from you about this ;) thanks for the info about making it in the cocktail shaker; i will try your way next time as i have a shaker. it's very, very hot and humid here, so perfect weather for it! also easier to wash than a blender. i also prefer putting milk in it but haven't tried caramel syrup. sounds great :D ευχαριστώ.