Monday, October 09, 2006

happy holiday — gobble, gobble

ever wonder how this bird got its name? we eat enough of it every year, we should at least know the facts. read the straight dope for the answer.


how often do we ever see the turkey dressed in his [or her] full regalia? usually it comes wrapped in brown paper from the butcher's counter or plastic from the freezer section.

here is some fun trivia from njpalisades:

Turkey Trivia

Turkeys can fly 40 55 miles per hour.

Turkeys can run 12 miles per hour.

Turkeys can dig through four to six inches of ice and snow to reach food in the winter.

Turkeys were not only an important source of food for Native Americans, but their feathers were also used for religious ornamentation.

well, mr. turkey .... the facts remain, you still taste great anytime of the year.

for some interesting turkey history and lore, visit Turkey for the Holidays. it's a great little site from the university of illinois, full of information about our favourite north american friend.

can't get enough? ever wonder what the h*ll that thing dangling from the turkey's beak is called? here are more turkey facts. find out what other countries call this bird at wiki.

and the winner for the stamp for the wild turkey, meleagris gallopavo, for the 2007 year is samuel timm of wautoma, wisconsin usa. here is his winning picture:

to see the other very nice stamps, visit the turkey stamp contest winners.

as i was listening to the radio today, they were talking about the difference between cooking a stuffed bird vs. an unstuffed one. well the unstuffed one takes significantly less time to cook.

cooking advice, a hotline number and a chart for roasting times are here.

enjoy your dinner. turkey is good anytime of the year but best enjoyed with family & friends.

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happy holidays

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for a tasty, no fuss turkey schnitzel recipe [one which i have often used], look here at whole foods. you can replace the crumbs with matzo meal, too.

check here for my step by step recipe for chicken schnitzel :D