Tuesday, October 24, 2006

great find

i have always liked finding new food things.

this time i happened onto something by mistake — an error of my own. a very dumb one; i just wasn't looking when i grabbed the package because they all looked the same and i was in a hurry.

so what is it already, you ask? faux cream cheese with lox!

because i always find i get stuck with crazy cravings during the long in-between times of having to wait after i eat something with meat — i wait six hours until i can re-eat anything with dairy products — i was happy to make this discovery and that i was not totally grossed out by it. after i got over the initial feeling of being angry that i bought the wrong thing, i was quite pleased i made this blunder.... that is.

this stuff actually really does taste convincingly similar to cream cheese with lox. i stress the word similar. i no longer expect these faux products to taste like the real mccoys. once you get over that idea, things seem to taste better. if you don't get butter when you expect butter, well.... you get the idea.

i originally wanted the plain version to use for a recipe but this turned out to be, in a way, a fortuitous event. on the otherhand, i still have to go buy what i really wanted in the first place!

such is life. things could be worse.

this went very well with the "half-rye" caraway sandwich bread i made for my bread testing job for the undisclosed author's new book.

this bread, while a pain in the tuchoss [butt] to make because of the wetness of the dough, turned out to be phenomenal. unfortunately, i can't give a recipe .... yet.