Thursday, October 26, 2006

yesterday's reno update

it is amazing how, even with the door closed during the work, so much dust managed to escape and blanket every object in my home. i was left with a thin film of gyproc dust over every single last thing in my apartment. i will be dusting for days to remove this. i don't think breathing it in was too healthy either.

after they finally finished putting up the boards to cover the wood structure, they began putting up the new tiles.

they also plastered over the part where they are putting in the new medicine cabinet/mirror. i loved my big mirror that was there before. no chance of recovering that; i saw them crack it to remove it.

also installed were the new fixtures for the bathtub. yay!

by the end of the day, i had all new tiles which had to dry before they could start with the grout. i took this at night, so the lighting is a bit off.

tomorrow the electrician comes. why? I FINALLY GET AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET IN THE BATHROOM!! now i can recharge my toothbrush and shaver. welcome to the 21st century.

more tomorrow.