Tuesday, December 26, 2006

yay for snow!

finally, the snow has arrived! a day late for most people's taste. i'm sure many would have wanted it more for yesterday's christmas celebrations.

in any case, it's here and perfect for snowman building.

if you can't build your own because you live in a hot country [or you just don't like playing in the white stuff], try these cute sites:

snowman builder #1

snowman builder #2

make your own snowflakes from paper, here. also look at my previous post for another site to make amazing virtual snowflakes.


chanit said...

מי בא קודם הגשם או השלג?
גם פה חורף, כבר יומיים..
הסקונס שלך יפים , אבל בשבילי לחמניות עם שמרים בבקשה, עם ריבה כמו של הסקונס

burekaboy — said...

הי חנית,

תלוי במקום שגרים, נכון
? :) אני אוהב גשם גם כן - משהו שאתם צריכים בארץ אכשיו.

וואלה! אז אני צריך להכין לחמניות בשבילך עכשיו

אני אוהב שמרים יותר מדי! יכול לאכול את זה כל יום! :0

Pammie said...

Hi Burekaboy,

yeow, cool writing.

Say glad you got your snow! My brother and his wife were out here visiting this last week and I was hoping for some snow, but all they got was rain...and now that they have left it is brilliant sunshine out!

Ostara said...

Still no snow in Toronto, although they say we may get some tomorrow ... if it doesn't rain. LOL

burekaboy — said...

pammie - that's "the cou" for you. rain, rain, and more rain. typical PNW. it's very depressing. rather have the snow. too bad they missed it from earlier on.

ostara - WHAT?@! i can't believe it!! and people are saying, "no...it's not global warming"?? i beg to differ. i don't EVER remember our weather like this.