Friday, December 29, 2006

WCB #82 surprise!

Weekend Cat Blogging — no. 82

for days now, actually close to 2 weeks, i have been trying to figure out where "my little guy" has been sleeping. once again, he decided the old roosting spot was boring and it was time for a new hideout.

about a month ago, i thought i was going crazy. i was hearing noises coming from somewhere but couldn't figure it out. at first i thought it was the cat. i've tried to tell myself it was. what if it wasn't? with winter setting in, i was afraid it was either squirrels, mice or bats [or something like that] which had come to nest on the space atop the roof or between the walls. as suddenly as the noises started, they stopped.

i spend a lot of time at my desk where my computer is located. typing away, i realized i needed a file from my desk. i also thought i heard the return of those noises. not really thinking about it or looking, i pulled the bottom file drawer open to grab the file but ended up grabbing the head of something furry! no, it wasn't a mouse, squirrel or bat. just my little friend who had decided to play "you can't find me anymore" in my desk. talk about heart attacks.

having no clue how he did it, i finally caught him red-pawed and in the act! he was climbing into back of the desk via the shelf next to the drawer and crawling through a small space.

i have to say we both jumped the first time it happened. he was still fast asleep as i grabbed his little fuzzy head. these days, my little filing clerk just lets out a loud "hello, you woke me up!" whenever i open the drawer.

i decided he needs to be filed under "c" for CUTE!

a happy new year to all his fellow wcb'ers

thanks to champaign taste for this weekend's WCB!


Lisa said...

Oh no! He is so adorable and that's a great photo. It's interesting the way they change hangouts every so often -- and the more hidden, the better. Just to keep us guessing, apparently.

I'll be posting the roundup first thing tomorrow morning along with my entry for this week. Do send me an e-mail or leave me a comment with your link.


aria said...

look at those skinny little legs and his little pot belly!! i just want to rub it, he's so cute! definately file under C for cute and CLEVER too!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Your furry friend is damn CUTE!!! Ha, ha, I love that story; so funny...

Some years ago, Fridolin also did something similar. He hid in the kitchen pantry under the window. I searched for him everywhere in the apartment, but I could not find him. I was panicked as I thought that he had jumped out of the window! But after a few minutes of wild searching, I finally found him in there. I had never seen him enter that pantry, so after I had taken out what I needed, I closed the door and left him in. The silly thing ;-P!...

Pammie said...

Hey cool cat Burekaboy! If I had an iCat that's what he would look like (and don't worry about reminding me of the gender of your cat by the way. As far as I am concerned, all bugs and beasts are boys). But I can't even manage to take care of my iDog, good thing you've been feeding him. Which reminds me I better tote the Christmas tree out to the balcony...that absolves me of any responsibility because then it will be in it's native habitat (okay on a high rise balcony, but it's like a mountain side, right?) and should be able to fend for itself!

Ostara said...

What a handsome lad! And if that's not a "hey, this is my drawer, Mister" expression, I don't know what is! LOL

Great photo, burekaboy. You've definitely captured his mischievous side.

Roberto said...

And it seems you got him just fresh eaten, look at that belly, surely he grabed something out of the kitchen, maybe that last linguini with lemons and the vodka was probably why he ran away and didn't want to risk a DWI after you catched him haha.

Now really I've seen dogs blogs where the pet owner writes as if he or she is the pet telling the story and the curious thing is other dog blogs arrive to the scene and form a gang...goshh pets are taking the world and human population is at risk!!!.

Happy new year BB and boy you are running 80 MPH, everytime I come to your blog there are new entries .. Just don't burn the kitchen and let that feline full belly, he seems to be enjoying it.;)

Princess Jibi said...

Yes cute is the word... He looks so cute... Bats are scary, our house was once infested with them. We had like 15. The are so scary looking in Guyana, but small. I wonder if its the same over here.

beenzzz said...

What a cute kitty. You know, you should NOT disturb his majesty when he is sleeping in the files. :) Maybe he's doing your taxes for you or budgeting your income. You know how much smarter cats are than us lowly humans. I think my cat has a secret laboratory.

burekaboy — said...

lisa - thank you for hosting this weekend. and yes, i have to keep looking for him. lately, he has been playing hide and seek more than ever. trying to drive me crazy, no doubt!

hey aria - LOL, oh yeah -- he has chicken legs and a fat tummy. he only developed that though since his little operation a few months back. ummm, then again, he does eat alot!

rosa - you must have been going crazy for a little while with panic! i actually closed the closet door on him last month and i couldn't figure out for an hour where the little meows were coming from! thank goodness i didn't leave the house or he would have been in there for hours!!

pammie - haha, i like the placement of the Xmas tree! thanks for the compliment. i do like his looks. he is my little devil.

ostara - thank you for your kind words! he does give me quite the looks sometimes! he definitely has "cattitude".

roberto - yes, the animals have taken over!! all the best to you. oye muchacho, debes venir a verme con frecuencia! you snooze, you lose! LOL.

PJ - i don't like bats at all. they're like flying mice!! i think i'd freak if i had an infestation. one flew right by my head last summer here. so we do have them. WATCH OUT!! lol.

beenzzz - now if he could only work it so that i never owe the gov't money! he'd get extra cat chow for that one!! i wonder what your evil kitty is making in the lab!?!

shelly said...

LOL! Gadol!

burekaboy — said...

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