Wednesday, December 20, 2006

how could i forget monkey!

well, i completely forgot about this site for my latke post so i am including it here. my bad. my shame.

visit monkey and watch as monkey makes tasty latkes.

we love you, little monkey. happy hanbananukkah.

(i wonder if a little monkey will visit again??)


Pammie said...

Oh my gosh. Even a monkey cooks better than me!

burekaboy — said...

LOL LOL LOL. i LITERALLY choked on my drink when i read your comment.

:)) you're a funny girl in spite of being a "bad" cook.

Ostara said...

LOL! Don't worry, pammie, I once set the kitchen floor on fire. Now that's a bad cook.

Thanks for the monkey link burekaboy. Cute!

aja said...

Dear BB,
Where oh where oh where did you find Monkey? I nearly choked myself silly reading the latke post - I couldn't LOL 'cause my boss was right behind me... close call!
I want a monkey just like that to help me with my cooking... or maybe a dog... to clean up my messes 8^)
Happy 6th and look forward to your posting about the 7th!

burekaboy — said...

ostara - you're welcome. check out the other recipes by monkey, if you haven't as yet. it is very comical. makes me want to pull monkey's tail! lol.

so, are you related to lucille ball perhaps? setting floors a-flame, huh? i'd hate to see you and pam together! on second thought, that could be quite entertaining! LOL.

aja - :P i love that monkey, cutest ever huh? found the site a few years ago actually perusin' and a cruisin'. glad to hear a heimlich wasn't needed :) i need a monkey too to wash dishes and vacuum. glad the boss didn't see!

monkey said...

i am available for tidying up kitchens and putting out kitchen fires if you provide snacks and music to dance to!

aja said...

Hey Charming Monkey,
What kind of snacks should I provide? And as to music - well there is allsorts so dance away...

Happy Monkey dance
Terrycloth feet jump and prance
Fires go out, smiles grow


monkey said...

snazzy little finger foods are best for kitchen tidying along with a freshing bevereage such as a sparkly water with a spritz of lemon or lime. i'm very easy to please. as far as music goes, something bright and vivacious!