Friday, December 01, 2006

how to have a heart attack WCB #78

Weekend Cat Blogging — no. 78

how to give "catdaddy"* a heart-attack

*catdaddy = a humorous but stupid name my friend calls me

a few months back, after i first got my kitten, we were playing on top of my bed. as we all know, kittens are rambunctious and full of life. no exception here. [thankfully mine was an extra happy and gregarious one, something i truly appreciate].

while kitten was planning his next strategic move for his favourite "attack the hand and make him yell" game, my eyes were drawn to a corner of the bed where i noticed a bright red spot which reminded of that fake looking red nail polish that little girls put on for pretend play. what in the world was that? i certainly don't wear nailpolish and neither does the cat!

when i inspected further, i saw it was fresh. i was looking at a single drop of an odd, thick red liquid. i couldn't figure it out. meanwhile kitten was continuing his attack on me, bouncing around like tigger, rebounding off of furniture having a grand ole time. i decided it could be blood so i picked up the kitten and turned him every-which-way to inspect him from all angles. i thought maybe he cut his nail or his toes.

as i looked over a few inches, i spotted a TOOTH! my heart sank with my first thought being, "OMG, i knocked his tooth out while we were playing!". so now the fun part came. try grabbing a kitten in play mode to open its mouth to inspect. i was panicking that he was bleeding to death, having visions of him swallowing pools of his flowing blood. ok, it's a little melodramatic but that's how it felt at that moment.

grabbing him, i pryed his mouth open but he kept turning his head and squirming. finally, i visegripped him long enough to inspect. there was blood! i grabbed a kleenex to stop the bleeding but ended up with a kitten running down the hall at high speed with a kleenex hanging out of his mouth. "come back here, you varmint! you're bleeding [to death!]," i called after him, envisioning ambulances and 911 calls.

getting my hands on him again after playing "catch-me-if-you-can" for almost 5 minutes from behind the refrigerator, i got his mouth reopened but couldn't tell if the tooth had broken or had been knocked out; he just wouldn't keep his mouth open long enough and was making a big fuss. "great" i thought, "here we go back to the veterinarian!" we had just been there a few days earlier for his first visit. i decided to get some gauze to try to clean it a bit and hopefully stop the bleeding. as i went into the room where i kept it, i looked down and found another tooth next to his food dish!

suddenly, a wave of calm came over me — i realized it was only his baby teeth falling out! how in the world would i know his teeth would fall out?? do i look like a dentist? lol.

phew. my final word[s].

and for posterity, i saved them as a reminder of my little one's baby stage. kinda weird, kinda gross, kinda cool. sharp as knives! here they are, my kitty's old fangs —

* * * * * *
follow the link to a cat advent calendar, for those who celebrate christmas from the cat who laughed. don't forget to check it daily for the next part of the story. you can choose from a few different languages. STARTS TODAY! [... and for those of you who like those kinds of calendars, check here for more].

thanks to d, at the hidden paw for this weekend's work for WCB #78!


beenzzz said...

Ok, that would have freaked me out too! Nothing worse than a hurt kitten!!! That was a really funny story though!

burekaboy — said...

hey beenzzz, i really thought i knocked his tooth out. if you look at the photo you can see the edge is jagged. that's what made me think the tooth was cracked or knocked out. scared me for a while til i figured out what was happening. he was very funny with kleenex stuck in his mouth and me running after him.

Princess Jibi said...

I never knew kittens lost baby tooths, I never really thought about it.. I would have panicked if it was me.. would have liked to see a picture of him and the kleenex hanging out though.

burekaboy — said...

@p.j. - i know! finding those teeth came as a bit of a shock at first sight.

i wish i had had my camera ready for that shot. it would have been very cute. he was so little back then (ha, only a few months really. they grow fast those kittens!)

D said...

Hmmm, none of my kitties had teeth falling out. Maybe they still haven't grown up yet :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Ha, ha, that was very funny!!! I guess that I would also have been terrified at the sight of the blood and teeths...

I always freak out for nothing as I always imagine the worst since they can't speak and tell us what's wrong. But, it is also quite understable because Fridolin once jumped out of the 3rd floor window, broke his leg/hip, bit his lips, ended up staying for a few days at the veterinary and had to get operated! Not very funny...

burekaboy — said...

rosa - it's funny now when i look back. at the time, i was freaking out! lol. i really thought i knocked the poor little guy's tooth out!

can't believe your poor fridolin's story! thank goodness cats have 9 lives!! that's quite the accident.