Friday, December 01, 2006

let it snow, let it snow, let it ...... freeze!!

for those of you who have never experienced freezing rain or seen it, this is what our trees look like at the moment. brings back memories of a devastating ice storm we had years ago.

very slippery and dangerous driving and walking outside today.

hopefully it turns to snow later on.

and something my friend did for her kid, pretty damned funny if you ask me: Snowman Poop! Fill baggies with marshmallows, seal and tie with ribbon, stick on label that reads: "Snowman Poop!" for a great laugh. kids love it!


beenzzz said...

The ice rain looks horrid! However, the snowman poop idea is brilliant! :)

burekaboy — said...

it is pretty bad outside.

is a certain little miss going to get a bag of ummm.... white stuff from mommy? lol. ;p my friend's kid thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Princess Jibi said...

Thats funny.. I will be sure to try that one, I love marshmellows..
I didnt go out all day today, tomorrow the said we will have flowrece or sth like that on the tv.. I am not going out tomorrow either if I can help it..

burekaboy — said...

@p.j. - welcome to canada, lol! i hope you guys bought good boots, hats, scarves, mittens and jackets. it's not easy in the winter here, well, at least until you get used to it if that is possible. be lucky you're in toronto. it's somewhat colder in quebec than where you are in the winter. many people lost their electricity here from the storm we just had.

i'm sure your brothers and sisters will find the marshmallows thing very cute/funny. bet they never had THAT kind of "present" before! :-)

Princess Jibi said...

:) no the havent.. It snowed today.. I can hardly believe it.. I am scared to go outside... I guess I wont be going out for a walk for this whole week, unles I get a ride..
We have to buy some stuff.. Dont know when my uncle will be ready to though..

burekaboy — said...

nahhhh, snow is fun. just make sure you get the right clothing! it's COLD, brrrrr.

ML said...

It IS cold, with more to come!!

burekaboy — said...

hey ml - can u believe 1/4 of a million people lost power and some STILL on monday don't have it back! thankfully, it's not january or february when it is TRULY freezing cold!