Saturday, December 09, 2006

a cute little joke

one day a jewish boy comes home from school all excited and tells his mother he got a part in the school's upcoming play.

"oy! she gushes. "wonnnnderful!"

"soooo, tell me .... what part is it, my darling?" replies his mother squeezing his little cheeks.

the young boy says, "i get to play the part of the jewish husband!"

the mother furrows her eyebrows, scowls and says, "you go back to that school and you tell your teacher you want a speaking part!!

check out this jewish mother! now that takes stamina chutzpah!!

and look how much harry houdini loved
his "two sweethearts" — [his jewish mother & his wife].

photo: archival, a century of immigration

interestingly [and sadly] enough, houdini met the making for his final demise here in montreal one fateful day when he was not prepared for a blow to the stomach.

for a cute parody of some would-be famous jewish mothers, look here (but turn down the background music, oy! my head!).

and finally just in time for hanukkah, a cute calendar called yiddishe mamas.

enough already.


Princess Jibi said...

why does houdini sounds so familiar?? I am so dumb when it comes to history.. its so good to see your so into your history...

burekaboy — said...

he was a (world) famous magician from a time long ago...well, sort of ;p