Friday, December 08, 2006

tails & more tales of the feline kind WCB #79

Weekend Cat Blogging — no. 79

first off, a very sage mewsing i came across & a picture to match:

"People that hate cats, will come back as mice in their next life."
- Faith Resnick

....don't we know each other from somewhere? [gulp]

here are a few other things i found amusing — first of all, i love this picture.

not my cat, just a picture i really enjoy looking at.

secondly, check out this POOR cat! oy vay iz mir, is all i can say!! and you thought you had it bad!! LOL.

otherwise, check out the other stories or should i say cat ta(i)l(e)s? you can also find several other very short stories at what a good cat!

and for that possessed and wicked cat in your life or the life of someone you know, visit my cat hates you! the hateful cat stories forum. take a look at the pictures of the kitties, the captions are thoroughly amewsing and some just downright hysterically funny [and to be taken that way ... don't be offended!]. they even have a calendar for sale which could be a good little present for your favourite cat-hater for the upcoming holidays.

get a free daily cartoon for your blog here.

this weekend's cat blogging fest is being hosted by the [angry] cat@bellytimber. thanks!


Ostara said...

Great cat and mouse picture - it's one of those 'what happens next' moments! And you're right, it is a most appealing tail...Sam-like in its stripeyness. ;-)

beenzzz said...

I love cats! This is great. :) I need to add Izzie (my demon cat)to " my cat hate you." I also need to sumbit a phot to Bad Cat calendar. HEHE! I have that desk calendar and it cracks me up.

beenzzz said...

Sorry about the typos! I need to learn how to type!!!

burekaboy — said...

ostara - thanks! poor mouse. hehe. i want to steal sam!!

beenzzz - that site is SO funny. didn't know they had the calendar. would make a good present. oh yeah, u know u can delete your comments and repost, don't you?! click the little garbage can and it removes it, then repost again.

D said...

Lovely tail :) I love the way cats hold the tail up straight sometimes.

kitchenmage said...

great photos! I only ever see the mousies once they have been made into toys--sometimes animated still, but never at the standoff stage.

WCBs at my place next week, please do come visit.

burekaboy — said...

hey d - i love cat tails especially when they stand up like that & they are walking towards you. nothing says "hello, i'm here" better!

kitchenmage - hey there! thanks for stopping by and the nice comment. i will surely see you next week at your place, if not before :-)

nice avatar!

shelly said...

Brilliant pic! That poor little mouse :). Your cat is like "helloooooooo dinner!" and the mouse is like "um... should I faint now or just keel over?"

burekaboy — said...

hey shelly - i know, i love the picture! poor mouse, is right! just to let you know, it's not my cat just some random picture to illustrate the quote i was using for the post. nonetheless, it's a great shot. :) thanks for stopping by and commenting. hope to see u again.

Pammie said...

Hi Burekaboy,

There sure are some freakadelic looking cats out there, I had no idea. I spent a week in a town in Turkey called Izmir, I wonder if the town got it's name from the meaning of oy vay iz mir!

burekaboy — said...

hey pam - i hear ya. lol. freaky is right!