Friday, December 22, 2006

8 lights burning bright — happy holidays

חג אורים שמח
happy 8th night

i will leave you with a final little song. i know, i know, you've heard it all before. this is a good rendition, however. adam, you're a funny man.


beenzzz said...

HAHAH! I hadn't heard the third version of this song. It was great as usual. Happy 8th night. BB.

burekaboy — said...

beenzzz - i like this version the best of all. he is very funny. :)

thanks! last night :(( ...until next year.

Pammie said...

Hi Burekaboy,

Happy 8th night, too bad your holidays are all over. Oh well, they come again next year.

Say someone called monkey left a comment on my blog, I wonder if it is your little monkey friend, or someone impersonating him?!

burekaboy — said...

hey pam - thanks! i will visit a few friends over Xmas so the fun continues til after New Year's.

i think it was monkey. did u leave out some bananas?

Heather said...

I love all three versions of his song - hilarious. Beautiful menorah!

burekaboy — said...

hi heather, me too. this is my favourite of all three. thanks for stopping by.