Friday, December 15, 2006

on the first night ....

running late today (more later). but for now —

wishing all those who celebrate

a happy & festive holiday,

as we light

the first candle tonight


eat our fill of crispy latkes & gooey jelly donuts

חג שמח ושבת שלום


ByTheBay said...

Chag sameach!

aja said...

Hey BB,
Been there, done that, and That, and THAT tonight! I feel quite virtuous in a fried foods kindof way. Happy Channukah to you. 8^)

burekaboy — said...

thanks guys! umm, i mean gals.

@aja -- may i remind you that you have several hours to gorge before i do?? show-off! :P

chanit said...

חג שמח

burekaboy — said...

תודה חנית -- גם לך ולרן

rai said...

happy chanukah hannukkah hanukah from switzerland!

burekaboy — said...

rai thanks, mersi fieleh, danke, merci, grazie (toda & a dank).
hope that covered it all. happy holidays to you, too!