Wednesday, September 06, 2006

who are you ... really?

photo: DNA11

do you have a "twin"? what is your genetic make-up?

two interesting sites are Time Twins & DNA11 — the latter a Montreal [Canada] company which shows u for who u really are, in an unbelievable artful way. their stuff is quite amazing and they have a new art form they are selling — a scaled-up custom print your unique fingerprint. obviously, one of a kind and beautiful whether it's ur dna or ur fingerprint.

photo: DNA11

time twins helps find, amongst their bank of registered users, ur twin from anywhere around the world. check it out and find ur twin.

the starter was fed and is now resting. this better work or it's back to the drawing board, as they say. i didn't see much life when i refreshed it however previous batches/experimentations have layed dormant and then miraculously come to life. i hope this is the case.

more later....