Tuesday, September 05, 2006

can NOT wait

photo: fxnetworks.com

been thinking about several things today. one of them was the return of the show NIP/TUCK tonight in the the US of A at 10 pm on FX. can't wait for it to air here in canada, but of course, it will most probably be picked up much later this year as was done last year. so annoying to know it has been shown elsewhere and i can't see it on tv [though i do have my sources if i can't wait hehe].

i do hope there is more drama with my two favourite psychos [evil grin].

photo: fxnetworks.com

tonight is also the second larry king interview about steve irwin [see yesterday's post].

i am now waiting on the eventual development of a wholewheat starter that i am incubating at the moment. it is in the seed stage and not yet 24 hrs old therefore there isn't much active growth noticeable [though there may well be at a microscopic level]. this is my first time making/using a wholewheat based starter. it is also being created based on pineapple juice to produce an acidic environment to ward off something called leuconostoc, a bacteria found in some batches of flour which ruins sourdough starters and can be poisonous in some of its forms. i am testing this and various recipes as one of a group of testers for someone who is working on the final stages of a new cookbook. i am not saying for whom i am doing this, at this point, as i am not sure i am allowed to publically divulge details. so for now it's .......sssshhhhh........ut up!

this is the starter at the initial stage of its creation. more updates later...

after almost 20 hrs [you can see fermentation bubbles]. on day 3, it is "fed" again.

today was a dark day outside. kind of depressing but you can feel that Fall is on its way. i love the fall season, so it's welcome with me.