Sunday, September 10, 2006

beer & disappointment

i think i may have killed my seed culture which was doing so well the other day. i probably waited too long before feeding it. this may be a burial "at sea" [read: toilet]. flush.

i hope not. it seems to be active however nowhere near the way it was the other day, which incidentally, is when i probably should have refed it instead of waiting.

all hope may not be lost — i still have another day for it to do its stuff. i see bubbles but not to the same degree. the mixture is more of a thickish pancake batter now due to the higher amount of flour added for its second refeed. instead of the juice, this time it was just water. i wonder if that may have impeded anything. the water, i mean. i aerated several times, as i was supposed to, and then tasted a miniscule amount. it tasted like beer which is normal. it was not sweet tasting like the last time.

on a more positive note, i spent a lot of time recently trying to fix up this blog. i managed to get in a lot more links, change the colours of the page, and add some music for your entertainment pleasure. i have to admit, it was quite the job figuring out all the html. thank G-d i am not that inept. otherwise, i would have said forget it! i still have much more i want to do but that will have to wait.

and if anyone IS reading this [??] bloglet of mine, should u wish to listen to the music and check out some of the links, the best thing is to open another copy [of this same blog] in another tab and use that one to peruse so u dont lose the music that is playing.

a recipe? perhaps tomorrow. i need to get started on that, too.