Thursday, September 28, 2006

when sugar becomes a foodgroup

for years and years, i have loved sugary sweet things. i would take sweet over salty anyday. i love all sorts of things involving my addictive white [and often powdered] substance — cakes, pastries, red licorice, candy and the list goes on. well, not exactly a detailed A-listing of those sweet things i get off on but you get the idea.

it's a wonder i don't weigh 500 lbs. considering all i have consumed over the years, it's also miraculous i haven't become [G-d forbid] diabetic or rotted every last tooth in my head. i guess i have to thank my fast metabolism and genetic make-up.

as my diet and tastes have changed over the years, i have now become a diet pepsi drinker [much better than diet coke, IMO] and am much more conscious about what goes past my lips: i eat more greens, fresh vegetables & fruit, and consume far less meat than i used to.

one day, after thinking about the 12 tsp of sugar one can of coke contains, i figured it was time to make the switch.

at first, i was gagging on it and thinking .... "what the hell am i drinking this sh*t for?" wouldn't water be better?? at least i don't gag on water. would my one of my teeth still dissolve in a can of diet pepsi — or is that just in a can of coke? over time, i got used to it and can now say i even enjoy it ..... but only with food, of course.

i know consuming huge amounts of sugar is bad, bad, bad. i kind of laugh as i seem to undo all the good eating i do [less meat, more greens, more grains, etc.] by using sugar in my cooking and baking.

i hope, this new year, to reform my wicked ways and reduce my usage and consumption of all things sacchararum. hehe, it just dawned on me why i love beets. couldn't i fall in love with a cucumber instead?

for the "truth" about diet drinks, look here. and i thought i was safe.

i'm glad bureka loves diet pepsi also:

[oddly enough, the little brat likes to drink it too!]

as with anything .... moderation is the way to go.