Monday, September 25, 2006

and now for a different kind of food

now that rosh hashanah is over .... on to other things.

* * * *

i have always been fascinated by what people eat, especially the things i could not — or would not — consume [i am talking about the strange and the odd here]. not sure why as most of it would probably be puked back up [lol], let alone make it past my lips. i suspect it connects to my great interest in anthropology & sociology and the countless hours i spent going through magazines like national geographic and watching pbs shows when i was younger.

i still cannot understand why people would eat most of those very odd foodstuffs. [forgive my north american perspective]. perhaps cultural tradition, limited food supply or not allowing anything to go to waste .... or maybe whatever they are eating just tastes good.

some of the "bizarrest" items are those involving the unmentionables of the male. c'mon, would you eat a penis or testicles?! if you would, you are certainly braver than i.

check this out:

and if you're still hungry, maybe you'd like this:


another cool blog to follow, if you like stuff like this, is called Weird Meat and documents this guy's travels and the oddities he eats, along with the photojournalism of his adventures. interesting site.