Wednesday, September 06, 2006

what time is it now?


love finding sites like this — and i have quite a few. the human clock lets u see pics people have sent in from all over the world for every single time of the day. submit your own!

no big news about the starter :( it looks pretty sad at the moment but that is to be expected in the intial stages of the seeding of it. i just hope i don't have to throw it out and restart. if that's the case, no biggie. better than throwing out 4 weeks of waiting than 48 hrs worth. will refresh it tonight and hope for the best.

updated my links and expanded things a bit. bloody well takes f o r e v e r !! then again, i have little html experience so it's a lot of fooling around with the settings and figuring things out on my own. fun but frustrating when things don't work. i have tons of work to do on this blog and haven't developed a lot of my ideas of the direction i want it to go in terms of the "look" of it, so expect lots of frequent changes. i am aiming for "simple yet sophisticated". can't stand clutter and crappy quality.


another cool thing i found was the cat cocoon. a housing unit made of corrugated cardboard from an innovative design company, one-form design. also saw it advertised, as a matter of fact, in this month's copy of Blueprint magazine. the price is steep (over 200 USD) for corrugated cardboard. cool idea, however. there is also another product, a shelter. check it out, cat lovers.