Monday, September 04, 2006

labour day, stingrays & better blogging

photo: random find on net

woke up to hear, to my great shock, that steve irwin — the crocodile hunter — was killed today while filming for his daughter's television show [imagine the guilt she's gonna feel later on that her dad died because he wanted to film for her]. to die so young (44) and leave a family behind is very sad. lots of people have said they are surprised he had made it this far into his career. whatever. who would have ever thought. crikey.

and now, the unlikely culprit of his demise:

photo: Kip F. Evans

so beautiful, yet so deadly. sigh.

well, today is labour day here, in canada. a good day to play around with my blog and try to get some entries in and figure out how to improve the look of my blogger space in the vastness of the world of WWW.

found this site about blogging & better blogging. well Bloke, thanx for the tips. don't look at my site [yet]! some interesting tips and advice to be found there.

it's fairly chilly here, a typical Fall day. surprising since i had expected hot weather til the end of september. off to eat some parathas & dhal soup i had made last night [i seem to be on an indian "kick" these days]. a good choice for today's cold weather. perhaps a picture later.

it's later and here are the pics -

moong dahl with the paratha (above) and the paratha alone (below).