Monday, January 29, 2007

great find

just as a matter of interest, i came across a site called the nutrition action healthletter which provides articles [both usa & canadian versions] about important food issues people are talking about or which are making news. while the publication, in full, is a paid one, there are many articles which are available for free which are very informative.

some examples of why i like this magazine is because it gives great info like this which compares lattes from three different big name coffee places [in canada]. again, check the american version for similar comparisons.

this link in the healthletter was also cool, if you want to know how many calories you should be taking in daily based on your height, weight and activity level.

check out the articles and their .


Brilynn said...

Hey- I made your spicy sweet potato tikki tonight for dinner, (with minor alterations, I baked them instead of fried) and they were really good! Thanks for the recipe.

Princess Jibi said...

um am going to pretend I didnt see this site... :)
ps. thnx for the link for the winter melon...
oh I found a food blog.. dont know if you ever saw it ttp://

burekaboy — said...

brilynn - hey, thanks for getting back to me and try out the recipe. i'm glad to hear you liked them and that they worked well with the way you modified the cooking procedure. i think you probably also could have made them in the frypan without oil if it was a nonstick teflon type. good to know they work baked in the oven.

PJ - hehe... i checked the calorie thing, too. thanks for the link! did you make anything with them melon yet?

Princess Jibi said...

Nope, today am going to cook those long beans u had up, with chicken, am going to stew it..
Oh if you ever stew it you can try cutting up baby carrots in it, it tastes wonderful with carrots..

Tomorrow am going to cook the melon am going to cook it like i normally would cook squash