Monday, January 15, 2007

the big freeze

wow, it actually looks like winter has finally arrived in montreal on january 15, 2007!

i woke up this morning to a blanket of snow covering the streets, a sight which is normally seen here sometime in november, or early to mid december in recent years with all the climactic changes taking place worldwide. i even heard some business are closing earlier as driving is hazardous. i can't — or maybe in this city, i can — believe people haven't put their winter tires on their cars.

at the moment, the news says, "Weather warnings in effect for 64 local areas."

you can take a look at something called montréal cam to see what it looks like here now. you can also check canada cams to see a different province or city or here. this is another site with different webcams from cities all over the place, not just canada.

my friends in california have told me [and confirmed what i saw on the news] that i'd better run now and buy my citrus fruit. many trees and fruit were covered with icicles today which means that the crops may die. that means much higher prices at the stores over the next few weeks, if that's true. here is a story with video about the cold weather in california. it's amazing to see how just a little ice can cause so much damage, especially to drivers. i guess we are just used to it here where i live.

i heard that crop owners are actually building bonfires and using wind making machines to blow the hot air on the trees to try and save their bounty.


Ostara said...

It's finally winter in Toronto, too, although it seems we got more ice than snow. Lots of cars in ditches and pedestrians with bruised knees. It's a shame about the citrus crops. Not a normal winter, that's for sure!

burekaboy — said...

ostara - you guys always seem to get the better deal! then again, some would prefer snow over ice, especially when having to walk or drive.

did you see the all the icestorms happening in the states?! whacko weather.

beenzzz said...

This morning in Utah, we woke up to 6 degrees farenheit. Am.......can you say COLD? I can't feel my toes. Quick, I need some leftover Guyanese black cake. That should do the trick. :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, that's great! I'd love to witness such snowstorms...

Here, it is still too warm and more like spring than winter!

burekaboy — said...

beenzzz - LOL...i know. it's deep freeze here today and for the next few days, too. then again, that's how it's SUPPOSED TO be here in canada in the winter. it's way more temperate these days than when i was a kid however. used to go for days and days with temps like -25 C (even colder with the winds).

rosa - surprise you don't have colder weather. it was very spring like here until yesterday!

Pam said...

The picture is beautiful. It's too bad it comes with slippery roads.

Though we've had snow for a couple of months now, the temperatures stayed relatively warm until Friday. I woke up and it was -37 C! (It's much warmer today.. something like -22 :) )

Enjoy your winter! Keep warm.

burekaboy — said...

hi pam - GASP! -37 C!!! reminds me of the good old days when i was a kid and your nose almost fell off walking to school. i remember being wrapped with the scarf around our heads over the snowsuits thinking we looked like dorks! LOL :) i also remember running to school to get there FAST. it's going down to -30 C or something like that tonight with the winds, they said.

i should be telling YOU to stay warm! ;D

Pam said...

Actually, our high is -5 today. It seems that you're getting our weather now - just a little bit warmer (did I mention that it was -37 without the windchill??).

I have the same memories as you do - I was just saying the other day that I needed to buy a snowsuit! We may have been dorks, but we were warmer dorks!

burekaboy — said...

pam - wow, lucky you. today people had lots of trouble starting their cars. it was FREEZING!! i can't even begin to imagine a -37C without the wind!! i'm cold just thinking about it.

funny cause all my friends from Wpeg all don't have a problem dressing up warm and with hats, etc. here, there was always this stigma about going out like that. gotta look fashionably cool (COLD) even if your nose is about to fall off and it's -100C blowing up your pants! LOL. silly montreal people.