Tuesday, January 02, 2007

aha! i knew it!!

today a couple of canadian boys are doing the cooking for you.

a few months back someone sent me a link for a recipe taken from the popular videoshare site, youtube. when i watched it, i knew that i knew the guy's accent. [i'm referring to the guy in the first 2 videos]. thing is, his english was perfect and the accent is pretty much undetectable unless you know it. when i looked at the information, i saw his name (first) and said, ha! i was right. so, you're saying — "yeah, and ..."? nothing really. i just like being right! lol.

so here are a few of the videos from some quebec boys cooking for you. the videos are all pretty much very short and with the exception of the main course type dish, they are all vegetarian.

video 1 — rice, plain and simple
video 2 — curried coconut chicken with lime
video 3 — vegetarian ramen
video 4 — good lookin' baked apples

don't expect haute cuisine here because it's not. it does look hightly edible, however.


Lisa said...

Whew! I don't know if it was my machine, or what, but I tried to leave a comment a minute ago, after playing one of the videos, and everything froze up, then Firefox choked and went bye-bye. Sometimes FF is weird like that . . .

Anyway, I thought this was interesting, that you had these videos in your post; according to the Food & Wine online newsletter thing I get, videos like this are "the next big thing" in food blogging—well, they've gotta be, if an "influential food blogger" like Julie Powell is doing it. :) This is from the F & W newsletter:

"Is the do-it-yourself cooking show the next generation of the food blog?

As an F&W experiment, influential food blogger and author Julie Powell has just created her own beginner food shows using a camcorder, and she will chronicle the hilarious and inspiring results in the March issue.

Preview Julie's videos, which are based on her work on an upcoming cookbook about butchering meat, and let us know what you think!"

Fun idea. I wasn't impressed with Julie's versions, though. The article she's doing for the magazine about the experience may be "hilarious and inspiring," but I didn't find her videos to be either!

burekaboy — said...

hey lisa - wow, thanks for that LONG comment, first of all, phew! is right!!! i know, i use FF also and it can be wonky now and then as can blogger. i actually have had several problems posting comments lately.

in terms of adding videos, i have to admit i enjoy them. they have to be well done, informative and relevant (to what you're saying) though otherwise what's the point. i can't say these were A-lister videos but they were an example of what everyday people are doing. i haven't seen julie's but i will take a look at them. thanks for mentioning them to me; i haven't seen the FW article you mention.

i do think it's not just a fad. listen, google paid HOW MUCH for youtube?!? nobody is going to invest billions in something that won't be around for long.

there is a lot of "drek" out there, too. i think, with respect to food bloggers who are doing it themselves, it gives them another way to express themselves, especially since some people are more visual or have a talent for communicating through speaking and doing — not just writing. you also get to see the person and s/he is not just words on a monitor screen. it also gives people the opportunity to sort of have their own mini "cooking shows". of course, some will be brilliantly done, most in the mediocre category and several others of the "you need to try harder" kind.

i have seen things from all over the world, too, which makes for interesting watching and learning about other foods & traditions.

when you think about it, even martha is broadcasting her shows for free on her site if only for 24 hrs. so, yes, it does, i believe, have a role in (food) blogging. sort of a next thing up from just posting photos.

Emily DeVoto, Ph.D., said...

FF worked fine with this on my Mac ;-)

Alcan foil was a bit of a giveaway...

Why didn't he use brown sugar?

Pammie said...

Hi Burekaboy, I watched the guy make the baked apples. I never would have picked him for a Canadian. I can only tell a French Canadian right off the bat, but I listen to the way a person says "out and about" which will tell me if they are an American or a Canadian. You fellahs say oot and aboot, hey?

burekaboy — said...

emily - i know, i was thinking same thing about the brown sugar.

no, i was referring to guy in chicken video. will fix it in post.

pammie - LOL. get oot -- we don't talk like that, eh? i dunno where that comes from but I DON'T say oot or aboot. i still don't know where people get that from. second guy has some weird accent to me. i meant the first guy. like i said to emily above, i have to mention it in the post.

Princess Jibi said...

I dont know much about accents. But I love the sound of foriegn accents.
I know I get angry sometimes when people look at me weird because of my creoles accent. I tell my mom its not fair, Jamaicans dont speak proper English and people dont laugh them.

In our country though, even though its English speaking. We have different accents, like if I go to the capital city, people speak more proper English there, so they would know am from Berbice. Like when I was smaller, and I spoke mostly creoles, I had the hardest time placing an order at a fast food place in Georgetown. But I understand there perfect English perfectly, even though saying it kinda hurts my tongue.

Anyways I love the apple one, you have to let me know if you try this and how it tastes, am going to make it as soon as I know where cinnamon sticks sell..

burekaboy — said...

PJ - people can be not nice sometimes but it is just a sign of ignorance. every country has its dialects and even different languages. in my province there is a lot of language "war" which goes on. i think people ASSUME someone is not as smart if they do not speak the "proper" accepted dialect. pay no attention! :)

you can get cinnamon sticks at the regular grocery store like loblaws. they come in packages in the spice section. i think they are about 4 dollars for a package of 10-12. this is a very easy recipe i am SURE you can handle, pj!! LOL. you should use brown sugar instead of white. that is what is normally done with baked apples.