Friday, January 05, 2007

cuteness overload

i love finding new and fun sites, especially when they are well-done and entertaining.

thanks to ostara at stillpoint [check out her 4 legged gorgeous boy, sam!], i came across this wonderful site that will surely bring a ton of smiles to your face. if you love animals, you'll love this.

now, we interrupt this commercial break to get back to real life.... (lol).


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That's such a great site! Thank you.

I love the hedgehogs and the rat walking on the piano...

Those animals are gorgeous.

Ostara said...

Thanks for the link, burekaboy! (And Sam thanks you for the compliment.)

Cute Overload is one of those sites that's always good for a smile. Enjoy!

Radmila said...

Bureka boy and not one recipe for Burek?

Found you through trinigourmet...will visit more often

beenzzz said...

That is such a fun site. I'm going to visit it everytime I need cheering up!:)

burekaboy — said...

rosa - lol, they were great pictures, huh? :) the rat one kind of doesn't do it for me, though. not sure i like them too much eventhough i hear they are great pets. cute picture of him anyway!

ostara - many thanks to you for directing me to that site.

radmila - LOL, i know! shameful, isn't it, that i don't have anything done yet about burekas when it's my moniker! it's in the near future plans.

beenzzz - glad you liked it! put it in your links for those times you want a good smile/laugh!