Saturday, November 18, 2006

rappin' pilgrim

american thanksgiving has kind of always been an oddity of sorts for me and other canadians. while our southern neighbours are roasting turkeys and snow is supposedly falling here [less of late due to our much changed climate over recent years], our thanksgiving took place way back at the beginning of october! for some reason, the end of november seems too late for this holiday. must be the idea of falling snow and not falling leaves that confuses me and the fact that the bigger holidays are just a mere few weeks after that.

there is such an amazing build-up and hoopla to it that we do not experience here. perhaps that is just the canadian way and the difference between our two mentalities and countries. everything is blown up in america, it seems — and that's not a negative comment. we canadians are just more quiet.

in any event, thanksgiving is on its way next weekend down there! martha stewart has gone mental with her daily broadcasts and countdown. i imagine turkeys everywhere are cowering and running for dear life.

all this aside, check out this link to watch what i thought was the funniest e-card ever. forewarning: this isn't the kind of card you send ole granny! perhaps, my sense of humour is just strange but i found it amusing in that it is more a sign of the times in which we live in: the music we hear and the messages conveyed.

i dunno ..... gotta love the get-up he's wearing, especially that hat.