Tuesday, November 14, 2006

mystery item revealed

for any of you who were wondering just what in the world those crazy retro green "bathtubs" with holes in them were in my post on nov 9th [..... and thanks to those who answered!]

they are actually silicone egg poachers!

photo: www.eggs.org.au

truly bizarre, if you ask me.


aja said...

I would never in a million years have guessed that - The design was way too cutesy - but, I really like them! Very cute - you could probably poach quenelles and other stuff in them... very nice. Do you have a set? If yes, how do they work??

burekaboy — said...

i also didn't have any clue initially. i had first seen them in some magazine and thought they were just plain strange. don't know how well they work as i do not own a set. i imagine they work well in poaching all kinds of delicate things such as quenelles, etc. i don't know if i'd ever buy something like this however.

apparently, the old fashioned plain egg poaching "device" is metal and oval also but with a long straight and thin metal handle. i would venture to say this is the redesigned modern version. what's wrong with the plain old simmering water technique, i ask!?