Friday, November 03, 2006

dinosaurs in canada?

canada has one the best dinosaur exhibits.

the royal tyrell museum of alberta contains the world's largest significant late cretaceous fossil beds yielding 35 species of dinosaurs and 265 species of other plants and animals. visit the tryrell museum online here.

photos: tyrell museum

here are some other places to see dinosaurs in canada. information about the provincial park can be found at this site.

do you know what a hoodoo is? you will have to look here to find out. it was news to me!

you can visit dinosaur valley in drumheller, alberta online also. the kids zone page has some fun stuff and information about the dinosaurs. i found an amazingly beautiful picture from drumheller here.

eat or be eaten —

dinosaur soup, anyone? or perhaps some bones?


aja said...

I used to go to the ROM in Toronto for their Saturday morning club. The best part was going behind the scenes and being able to get upclose and personal with the fossils. I loved their dinosaur exhibit.