Friday, November 10, 2006

the new enemy in the house WCB #75

Weekend Cat Blogging no. 75

meet catten's newest archenemy — bobblemouse.

one of the cheapest cat toys i have ever bought, "bobblemouse" cost a whopping 1 dollar at our dollar store! i bought two just innnnnn case my little devil cat destroys him in one of his latenight battles with this little rodent on a spring.

notice the loving look on his face as he eyes his new friend.

after a fierce battle {and some growling & hissing for sound effects},

stop moving!!

it is just a tale of two tails .....

until the next time .....

thanks to skeezix's scratching post for hosting!


sher said...

Oh my goodness!! Not a Bobblemouse!! They're so scary! Well, I think you are very brave Catten indeed. You will prevail!!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

This is just maddness....weve nevur seen a booblmowse but it luks vary vary fierce...way to go!! Beat him up!

Sarah and Tiggy said...

Yes, you must stop this "bobble mouse" before it takes over your turf. Who is he to come into your house and flop all over the place? Teach him some manners!

Lux said...

These pictures are just darling! Nice to meet you!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That bobblemouse is awesome! I can't believe that such an item only costs one dollar.
I love Catten's eyes; quite scary on that pic!
Go Catten, punch that mouse!!!

burekaboy — said...

bobblemouse was the name given to him by a small little "friend" of my cat(ten), if you're wondering about the name. he bob(ble)s back and forth right? duhh... is the reaction i got when i asked the kid why the name. stoopid me.

sher - he carries bobble, actually drags him by his head, from room to room to keep a cat's eye on him

r & c - it puts up quite the fight for a cheap toy!

s & t - i think mr. mouse is now licking his wounds as catten sunk his jaws into his sides.

lux - thanks for visiting. your cats are indeed 'luxe'

rosa - hehe, i couldn't believe it either. only one dollar?? i asked the clerk if it was really the right price. think she thought i was stupid ... i was, after all, in the DOLLAR store. anyway, one of my better buys considering his other toys cost 5 to 10 times that amount a lot of the times.

yes, his eyes are quite frightening there. he was focused on the mouse swaying back and forth ready to pounce and was probably salivating too.