Wednesday, November 22, 2006

crazy dreams & shakedowns in town

wow, i must have been real tired because i had the weirdest dreams about being chased by bananas with legs and other fruit last night. completely bizarre but obviously blog-related.

this should teach me not to post entries before bed!

go to the dreams foundation — a very well-done canadian site dedicated to everything dream-related. i never remember mine anyway.

excitement here locally is that earlier this week (or was it last?) a russian spy was arrested!

in addition, today i heard there is a HUGE bust on the italian mafia in montreal. they have arrested scores of people, and sent out more than 700 police officers on this one. apparently, some of them were for suspects working at the airport and the canada - usa border not far from here and also arrested was the 82 yr old father of one of the ringleaders!

what next?


Princess Jibi said...

lol, and I thought I was the only one who have weird dreams...
I never read the news, or watch news on tv, its too depressing for me... Whatever i know about whats happening in the world, is what I saw on discovery channel, or someone told me..
Is this channa your talking about called Chick Peas?

burekaboy — said...

i only remember the really bizarre ones. i actually woke up from it.

as for the news, no news is good news as they say! :p

yes, the channa is yellow chickpeas but the indian kind which are smaller. look at

you should have no problem finding them in toronto.