Friday, May 18, 2007

multiple musings

no food today but just mere ramblings — last night i was watching an episode of the pbs programme "nature" which featured the antarctic and a group of scientists observing emperor penguins and their migration to their breeding grounds, as did the first and only team in the early 1900's. it was amazing to see how these birds, the largest of the species, is able to thrive and live in unbelievable weather conditions. sheesh, and i thought canada was cold in the winter! you can see how smart you are and take a fun quiz about penguins here.

[segue] and while on the subject of birds.....

the other day, i came across an incredible little thing taking place in manhattan, new york city, just outside the window of fellow blogger lara of ess a bisel (yiddish for eat a little!). you'll have to visit her blog to see what i'm talking about. start with this entry and work your way up to date to see it all happen (you may have to click on the title of the blog to do that). great pictures, lara :D

several weeks back, my little "four-legged food processor" [whose favourite game is currently attack the newspaper and see how fast i can shred it into 1,000 pieces before i get caught] decided it would be fun to try his attack method on my rubber tree plant. well the stinkerpoo somehow hooked into a leaf and, despite always sporting a well-maintained and short-clipped "pawdicure" on all four [feet], ripped right through it.

this is him at 3 months practicing for the future. notice his short fat "pulkas" (legs), actually they're not fat but extremely muscular, a trait of the burmese cat. in spite of this, he is extremely clumsy, banging into walls or not making it over the rim, or top, of the bathtub while running at high speed (not such a high leap!) — something that always makes me laugh.

after attacking the leaf, he made his escape. somehow, miraculously, he did not pull the whole thing off. i discovered his little faux-paw when i unceremoniously stepped in the drippings of latex exuded by the leaf which looks like elmer's white glue. what a mess.

i figured the leaf would die after a week or two, as it suffered a severe rip. incredibly, it healed by self-suturing! i only noticed this the other day.

nature is truly wondrous.

and if you hate flies, like i do,
play this fun game and see how good you are at whacking them!


burekaboy — said...

"um i dont know if its my pc, but ur above post dont have comments enabled. but am going to comments anyways..
I love penguins, i love the website, the quizzes are so fun. I am not doing so well and I thought after watching Planet Earth I would have learned something. I guess I cried too much lol
Did you see it Planet Earth? On discovery Channel?

How much does he weigh now?"

PJ - thnks for telling me that!! i didn't even realize it was off. it was my fault -- i somehow turned off the comments option in my post.

as for the penguins, the emperor ones are HUGE. i don't know much about them either ... don't feel badly, i got most of those questions wrong, too! i should have done better cause i saw the show :o

i actually did see the whole PLANET EARTH series; that was a phenomenal show. i don't get the channel but i saw it anyway. everyone kept telling me, "you have to see this!"

the cat is now about 6 1/2 or 7 pounds, i think. he is pretty small [which i like]. he may weigh more but he feels like a ton of bricks because this type of cat has a lot of muscle mass. he keeps me very busy [though he's calmed down over the past few months! he was way worse *but fun* in his kitten stage :o]

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Your "stinkerpoo" is too sweet! He looks really beautiful. I love his nickname (Four-legged Food Processor"), hehe ;-P!!!

Wow, it's incredible to see how you plant healed! Once, Maruschka (the black "Fressprügel") ate the top of my baby avocado plant and I was very sad, but like with your rubber tree plant, it grew again...

burekaboy — said...

rosa - LOL, he IS a 4 legged food processor!! he eats anything and everything. he ate my falafel the other week when i wasn't looking. he LOVES deep fried things. crazy cat!

i thought that was so cool the way the plant stitched itself back up. stinkerpoo also ate the tops of one of my herb plants i was growing; i was NOT happy, grrr. all that work for nothing. it died :(

Emily DeVoto, Ph.D., said...

I had an omnivorous cat once, too. His name was Garbanzo, and I actually think he was of Mediterranean origin, because of his love for olive oil. When I sautéed croutons on the stove, he would jump on top of the fridge where he could best capture the fragrance, and roll around in bliss. He also munched my pastry brush to a nub after I'd used it for olive oil!

Though he once crashed a shelf full of wine glasses to the floor. What's that about? ;-)

TopChamp said...

I've seen a few posts recently where comments have been left saying that comments have not been working and that it's a new blogger post autosave update thing.

Does that even make sense? The grammar is awful, sorry.

Nice cat!

burekaboy — said...

TC - i'm ready to go to wordpress or similar. i've had so many issues with blogger. it's screwing up my posts, too, especially all the formatting and coding. and i KNOW it's not only me who is having issues.

kitten (cat now) sends his meows and says thank you! :)

burekaboy — said...

em - just got this msg today...grrrr blogger.

LOL, that cat musta been mediterranean for sure. cute name. i should rename mine garbanzo -- he love them. i can't leave an open can of them around or he knocks them over. imagine 200 chickpeas rolling around the kitchen floor and kitty happily chowing down as i'm cursing and laughing at the same time. i mean how can u get mad at a garbanzo eating kitten?? LOL. he also steals falafel. strange bunny.