Sunday, March 02, 2008

friend and foe — a cat (& mouse) tale

well, after 2 1/2 hours of non-stop hardcore playing with a long lost friend (rediscovered hidden behind a bookshelf), the brown devil decided it was time for a nap. from the look of it, it's more of a coma! ;o

i've decided my cat is strange.

as a kitten, he developed a love-hate relationship with his mouse. he carries it around the house in his mouth, talks to it with little meows, and lays down on it to fall asleep. other times, he beats the cr*p out of it, growling at his long-tailed friend and throwing him the air with his mouth. one time i found him trying to bring it in the litterbox — i don't even want to know what he was going to do with it in there! i grabbed it away and hid it for two weeks.

as you can see from the picture, peace has been restored. poor mouse — ended up in the water bowl while being heavily assaulted by paws and jaws. i think my cat finally realized the moral of the story: wet mice don't slide well on wood floors ;))


sara said...

bureka b., i'm in love with your cat! he behaves just like the teenager he is, pure contradiction. reminds me of someone...
btw, love your writing, but you already know that.

shelly said...

Too, too cute! Look at how he abandons himself so completely to the pleasure of sleep. If only we could all do that :). My dog had a similar relationship with a little stuffed animal. She'd preen it, cuddle it, then chew on it mercilessly, and cuddle it again. It was like her baby, except that she finally shredded it completely. Very odd :P. But she's good with real baby animals. She was once a sort of part time foster mother to a little marmalade striped kitten.

burekaboy — said...

sari - he'll be on the next flight! make room at your house for him ;p he's been a bad boy today, almost broke 2 things. grrrr. glad you enjoyed the story. lots more! lol.

shelly - thanks. he loves to contort his body to find the perfect position to sleep. often, he ends up like this - on his back, deep in sleep dreaming of catching mice, no doubt! like your dog did, i'm waiting for the day to find his "mousie" ripped to shreds ;o i was sure he was going to bury it in the cat litter one time, LOL. it must have been very cute to see your dog taking care of that kitten.

Kitikata-san said...

Dear Kitty Cat, I see that you have maximized your pleasure with your mouse from sleeping with and beating up on your mouse. I think you need more mice like that to play with.

burekaboy — said...

kitikata-san - domo arigato! the others are hidden throughout the house to play with & drop on his head in the middle of the night when i bounce on the bed and play with them!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a cute monster! I love his little "Schnäbli"! Can I scratch his smooth belly?



TopChamp said...

well then - an important lesson has been learnt! This pose is familiar to me. My cat is in a mood just now as I have a cold and coughed too much when he came to sit on my knee.

burekaboy — said...

rosa - schnäbli, hehe, haven't heard that in a while ;) he has the softest tummy!

TC - LOL, poor mouse was drenched.

sorry to hear you're not up to par at the moment — hope the cold improves quickly! my other cat did not like coughing at all. as soon as i did, he took off.

now go get yourself some chicken soup and be well! :))