Monday, December 03, 2007

hanukkah recipes from my blog .....

if you are looking for recipes or ideas for hanukkah, the following are several from things i've posted in my blog: (get your oil ready!)
hopefully, there will be some more i'll add over the next week. check the sidebar also for other recipes.

happy hanukkah
joyeux fête de hanouca
חג שמח גוט יום-טוב
chag same'ach


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy Hanukkah! Have a great time and enjoy your holidays...

A nice collection of recipes, thanks!



Pam said...

Chag same'ach! Have a good holiday.

titus said...


Happy Hanukkah!

Thanks for all of your help and your great recipes!

Kind regards,

Vidya said...

Happy Hanukkah! I can't believe that it is already time flies.

I was looking for a fruit cake recipe, without eggs. Can't find one on your blog, do you have any suggestions?


burekaboy — said...

rosa - merci pour tes vœux. bientôt, c'est noël qui arrive pour toi. j'imagine que tu vas avoir bcp de choses interessantes :))

hey pam - wishing you a bright and festive holiday. you must be swimming in oil these days at your shop!

hi titus - thanks a lot for your wishes. much appreciated. glad i could help ;) you know where to write when you have another question! LOL.

vidya - unbelievable, isn't it? before you blink, the months have flown by. your parents must be winding up their visit with you soon :(( i'll look into the eggless fruitcake thing; i think i might have something (or at least similar). are you referring to the brick type british/canadian/american thing? thanks for the hanukkah wishes.

Baking History said...

Happy Hanukkah burekaboy!
manuela (Baking History)

Vidya said...

Time seems to just vanish these days, been extremely busy hosting my parents. I'm going to have to review all your recents posts after they leave in a month.

Yes, I was referring to the brick...I love it. I would like an eggless version, so I can bake it at home for my parents. And also any suggestions on replacing the brandy/rum? I don't want to soak in alcohol, only because I don't ingest it in any form. Just something that uses a lot of nuts and dried fruits and spices will work. I'm taking a few days off around the holidays, so I want to plan ahead some recipes to try and enjoy.

pixiebits said...

happy hanukkah from us too :)

TopChamp said...

happy Hanukkah.

I asked a pupil tonight why he had been wearing a hoody all night. Actually I said 'let me see your hair then.. you've had your hood up all night - it can't be that bad!' At which point he told me it was hanukkah and he was avoiding questions hiding his cap. oops.

It was an genuine question though - he normally has a spiked up blond mini-mohican.

Lannae said...

Happy Hanukkah, and happy eating! I miss latkes and apple sauce that I used to be able to get in Boston (now that I live so far south). But, now that I am looking at your blog, I could make my own! I have made latkes and I have made apple sauce, but never together. I may need to do just that! Yummy! Make sure you post latkes when you make them!

burekaboy — said...

hi TC - thank you :)

not too long til Xmas for you either.

odd about that kid since it's not really the kind of holiday where we 'have to' wear a head covering (yarmulka) except when we saying the blessings/prayers when we light the candles each night. sure he wasn't having a one over on you?! LOL.

burekaboy — said...

hi manuela - happy hanukkah to you, too :) thanks for the wishes.

hey pixiebits & CO. :) - muchas gracias .... i'm sure you'll be busy like crazy over the next few weeks baking & making Xmas stuff, especially for j.

lannae - for some reason i assumed you were from the South! guess not. i think you need to cook up some more latkes and applesauce :)) some people bake them even but it's just not the same thing.... thanks for the wishes. happy holidays to you, too ;) btw, look at the 2nd latke link in this post and you'll see 3 diff ways to make them.

vidya - i think i actually saw something that doesn't have eggs in it; i'll look. i have eaten fruitcake only twice in my life -- not my fave thing, at all.

i also don't think you absolutely MUST treat/age it with alcohol though there may be people who disagree; there must be non-alc versions out there. i'll get back to you soon (email you).

TopChamp said...

no - he showed me. It was blue.
I don't know why then... he's a nice kid anyway. it was last Weds evening.

He wants to play the trumpet but his parents are making him do violin in the orchestra. I stirred a bit as I'm really short of trumpet players and he's quite good.

chanit said...

חג חנוכה שמח :-)