Wednesday, September 12, 2007

wishes for the new year and holidays

i'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who, over the course of the past 12 months, has been visiting my blog — all those who have felt comfortable enough to leave comments and the many others who have preferred to just watch from afar — and trying out (or even wanting to try!) the recipes that i've posted here in my little space in the vast sphere of the internet.

as a result, i've "met", in the virtual sense, many people who have made this a worthwhile experience over this past year — one of many ups and downs (details, aside). while i had aspirations to have be a better blogger and kept up leaving comments on blogs of everyone whom i've met thus far, this has not been possible over the past 6 months. circumstances haven't been conducive to keeping up with all the wonderful things happening in the now literally thousands of (food) blogs in existence with new & exciting ones sprouting up, each and every day. rest assured, you've not been forgotten.

one of the many customs at the meal on rosh hashanah is that we say:

"May it be Your will, HaShem our G-d and G-d of our fathers,
that we be to the head and not to the tail."

as the eve of the jewish new year is upon us, this year coinciding with the muslim observance of the month of ramadan, many millions of people around the world will gather with family and friends to celebrate and enjoy in good times and good food. so, with that, i will say:

a year of peace, prosperity
& good health to all

shanah tova m'tukah

שנה טובה לכולם
שנה של בריאות, אושר והצלחה

* * *

ramadan karim


Anonymous said...

I wish that all the people throughout the world would look at eachother with this kind of love and peace that I have found reading your blog. :-)

I hope you have a blessed holiday!

Anonymous said...


Your blog rocks and I hope to make many of your recipes! ;-)

burekaboy — said...

jamila - what can i say but a BIG thanks for all your kind words :) i only hope to live long enough to see the day when all people can get along.

have a wonderful holiday ... all 30 days! LOL.

Roo said...

Good words - Your blog is a fine one, I wish I had the patience that you and Ilva have to share all your food experiences.

I also wish I had the will to excercise a little after sampling all the delicious food! ;o)

Good Health, Good New Year

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A nice message of peace...

May your holiday be wonderful and have a happy New Year!

Your blog is one of my favorite, so keep up with the great work (I have many recipes to test...)!!!

chanit said...

שנה טובה , ושכל משאלותייך יתגשמו
בידידות, חנית:-)

Beenzzz said...

That was wonderful. I wish you a year of prosperity and good health too!

Arabic Bites said...

happy New Year!

burekaboy — said...

roo - it does take patience; that said, my patience can run thin in other areas .... like when my PC and blogger don't oblige & conspire against me!!

thanks for your words :)

rosa - merci for the vote of confidence and new year wishes, i hope you enjoy all that you try ;) lord knows i have what to make from things i've seen on your blog! LOL.

chanit - from your mouth to G-d's ears :) shanah tovah gam lach.

beenzzz - thank you - a productive and happy year for your family, too :)

zainab - shukran ;) ramadan mubarak. hope your fasting is going easily!